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Postnatal massage in West Oxfordshire – How I helped Natasha address her hip pain and get back to exercise

Lady wearing a red top doing core exercises during 1-2-1 classes

I am so happy with the results Natasha achieved with Postnatal massage in West Oxfordshire and the difference it has made in her life, I decided (with her permission) to share it here.

Here is Natasha’s story and how choosing postnatal massage in West Oxfordshire combined with corrective exercises got her back to doing the activities she loves.

Natasha’s postnatal experience was vastly different second time around. Hip carrying, walking with a toddler and feeding can all change how we organize and distribute forces through the body. The additional loads and changes that come with pregnancy and birth number two may result in painful hips, lower or mid-back pain.

Before her postnatal massage in West Oxfordshire.

Before baby number 1, Natasha felt very active and strong and in her own words, bounced back very quickly after the birth of her first child. After her second child, everything changed. Many movements that she took for granted before were now painful such as lifting her feet to put her shoes on.

Natasha had tried postnatal exercise classes but the pain had only increased to the point where lifting a leg was not possible without pain. There was also a great deal of guarding around the area and fear of movement.

She desperately wanted to get back to exercise but even the assessments were too painful for her. She needed a different experience in her body. To coax it out of its pain response, so we could then bring balance back via the exercises. Postnatal massage in West Oxfordshire was the spark for this change.

Woman having the back of her legs massaged

My treatment- combining postnatal massage with exercise.

When working with a hip issue, I look at their alignment, walking habits, baby carrying, the way they sit etc. I could see that Natasha’s rib cage shifted over to one side and she excessively hiked her hip as she walked. Many tissues were being overworked because of this presentation. Her body held the shape of someone carrying a toddler on her hip all the time.

We began with massage (in the form of myofascial release) to coax the nervous system to trust movement again.

…….Myofascial release refers to working on the sensory/connective tissue in the body that wraps around muscle fibres, bones and organs to reduce pulling on/ compression of sensitive nerves. It cannot be done with oils and requires very slow, sustained pressure. See my blog about the numerous benefits of myofascial release massage. It’s an excellent choice when working with the changes that accompany carrying a baby.

Some sessions were massage alone, where I worked on the torso, pelvis and thighs. Other times we focused on the shoulders and rib cage. Or combined self-massage (with balls) with exercise training tolerance back into the tissues under-recruited when moving. In this way, all parts of the body were joining the party of daily movement. By being aware of how she sat, stood, picked up and carried her child, Natasha could self-adjust during her day to better support healing. 

Woman in shorts and a top jumping into the air with joy because she has learnt how to live with a rectocele

Where Natasha is now after her postnatal massage in West Oxfordshire. 

Natasha was incredibly consistent with her exercises and after her postnatal massage used balls to do self-massage I had shown her at home to keep the momentum going. Natasha now enjoys her fitness classes and dancing once again which was a big motivator throughout this journey.

She continues to get stronger and is planning to start running soon. As a mum, I know how important exercise is for our well-being. I am delighted that she chose postnatal massage in West Oxfordshire and that I could support her on this healing journey.

This is where my passion is. Helping others find comfort and joy in movement.

So now you have heard all about Natasha’s fantastic experience with postnatal massage in West Oxfordshire, how it was instrumental in starting her rehab exercises pain-free and ultimately training to get back to exercise.

If you have gone through similar changes in your body to Natasha and are struggling to find your way back to exercise, contact me to book a session and start your healing journey today.

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