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Nervous System Reset Massage

Image of Jennie Walbank Movement and massage therapist

We are living in a demanding world which has a profound impact on our nervous system. The nervous system reset massage will help you to handle daily stress with greater calm and ease.

The body has an amazing capacity to heal itself when the nervous system is in its rest and restore state. In our modern-day lives, the nervous system can get stuck in overdrive, unable to access this. Unable to relax the body, unable to let go or quieten the mind. When this happens inflammation increases and healing cannot happen.

What do people report feeling after receiving the nervous system reset massage?

A sense of lightness and ease in their body. Feeling more open, receptive, and expansive. Able to handle life’s daily stresses. Having a longer fuse with loved ones. Being happier and laid back. They are feeling freer in mind and body, lighter. Like receiving an energy power wash. Long COVID clients report feeling their fatigue melt away. Energised with their healing being kick-started. Insomniacs report having their first good night’s sleep afterwards

I offer 3 types of massage in Witney and Alvescot.

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Image of massage room used for nervous system reset massage


This is a stand-alone massage. Ideal for anyone not looking to resolve a physical issue or restriction per se but wishing to reduce over-stress levels and promote well-being and healing.


After a series of massage treatments clients report greater freedom in movement. The body no longer feels like a prison. Flexibility and range of motion improve. Scar tissue-related limitations are minimised. After receiving this massage, people with breathing issues find more space in the chest.


After a series of massages combined with movement work clients have reported returning to walking, dancing, and running after persistent hip or pain tension/pain. My postnatal clients, see an improvement in postpartum issues such as pelvic organ prolapse symptoms, aiding the closure of stomach muscles or improving hand, wrist, back and shoulder pain.