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Massage for hip pain in Oxfordshire-Jennifer’s fantastic results

Close up image of a womens abdomen being massaged

Yesterday I gave Jennifer a massage to help her hip, which would suddenly lock and cause pain in the groin and hip crease.

Jennifer was so pleased with her experience that she was happy for me to share her story with you here. Before the massage, hip and groin pain was limiting her mobility and falling asleep at night was a struggle. In this article, ‘massage for hip pain in Oxfordshire- Jennifer’s fantastic results’, you will learn all about my approach, how she felt during her session and how her body responded after the massage.

Woman walking downstairs with hip pain

Before Jennifer’s massage for hip pain in Oxfordshire

Before our session, Jennifer’s leg would suddenly lock up. She would get intense pain in her hip crease and groin. This was affecting her ability to go for walks and work out at the gym. She wondered if the stretching she’d been doing might have triggered something but was generally unsure about the source. Sleeping with a pillow between her knees at night and high strength pain killers weren’t helping. She’d had surgery 3 months previous on her arm and so was only doing very gentle movements. She wanted to start exercising and getting stronger now but the pain was stopping this. Jennifer had never tried a myofascial release massage before but she’d heard great things from a friend so was willing to give it a try.

Myo= muscle and fascia=wrapping

Myofascia refers to the wrapping around the muscles, that allows differential movement of our muscles, nerves, blood vessels etc relative to each other.

In a myofascial release massage, all the movement is very slow and gentle.

Jennifer was a little nervous about her back being worked on because she also has persistent lower back pain due to disk degeneration but I assured her that in myofascial release massage there is no pressing on or movement of the bones. Only the soft tissues. I am always working in cooperation with my client’s nervous system, being guided by their individual tolerance levels.

Woman having the back of her legs massaged

During Jennifers massage

During the massage I worked on the hip in question, the structures attaching to the pelvis, the abdomen and lower back. Using my hands without the use of oil, I apply gentle pressure to the fascia (muscle wrapping) and wait for nervous system to respond and change the tone in the tissues. At this point my hands will begin to glide through the soft tissues. Jennifer was incredibly relaxed throughout the experience and said she could have laid there all day.

Core support

Jennifer mentioned that she couldn’t lift even very light weights as it made her lower back pain worse. I was curious how much support she was getting from her core in her daily activities. The hips and core are all connected so I didn’t want to just give her the massage and send her on her way.

After the assessment we could see that she isn’t getting the support she needs from her core, so I taught her how to engage her deep postural core while laying on her back. Jennifer was also given simple homework to perform to continue building this connection with her core. Once she was standing, I asked her to do a bicep curl with a light dumbbell. As soon as she tried to move her arm, her lower back overworked. I guided her through what she’d done laying down and asked her to try and lift it again. This time her back didn’t hurt. Hurray! We repeated this again with a heavier weight and again no pain. Jennifer said her core has felt weak her whole life, so it made sense that it may be contributing to her back pain.

Woman having her lower back massaged

After the massage

The reason Jennifer had come to see me was for a massage for hip and groin pain, so I wanted to know how her hip felt now. She had forgotten all about it as it felt the same as the other leg.

She tried walking up and down the stairs and there was no pain. It felt back to normal. Now that Jennifer can move without the hip locking with pain, I suggested that she go for a short walk around the block.

Jennifer admitted that since her operation, plus lockdown, she hadn’t been as active and sat more. She desperately wants to be more active as she has other health conditions that would benefit from this. I would love to see her gradually build up strength in her legs, glutes and hips and core. Walk more in addition to lifting light weights. I look forward to a follow-up session to guide her through further exercises she can do in her own time to progressively get stronger and keep her hips healthy. As I say, the massage was only yesterday but Jennifer has contacted me saying she fell asleep straight away the night of the massage and slept straight through. This was a great result for Jennifer as it normally takes her several hours to fall asleep.


I hope you enjoyed reading about Jennifer’s experience with a massage for hip pain in Oxfordshire. How, by working on all the structures attaching to the pelvis, the lower back, abdomen, upper legs and glutes we were able to get Jennifer out of her hip pain. Allowing her to walk, climb the stairs without her hip locking and sleep more comfortably. Because Jennifer also experiences persistent lower back pain I wanted to check that her core was supporting her (there’s a big connection between the hips and back). I would love for her to start lifting weights to build strength for her bones. Previously her lower back pain was preventing this. Now she has a strategy to lift without it going straight to her back. With this core support, regular walking and hip exercises from a follow up she will continue to be more active.

If this story sounds familiar to you, have you considered having a myofascial release massage?

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