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Exciting New Beginner’s class in Clanfield and Witney- A holistic approach to the core & pelvic floor

I’m excited to announce that I will be starting a new beginner’s class in Clanfield and Witney.

Image of beginner's class in Clanfield

By beginner’s, I mean the REAL foundations of core and pelvic floor function in response to load.

When you pick up a plastic cup you neither want to let it slip through your hands nor crush it.

The core and pelvic floor are the same.

We have all felt how ‘strong’ a baby’s grip is. But the baby doesn’t have the motor control to ‘hold’ a plastic cup.

Kegels are like the baby’s strong grip, they don’t teach the diaphragm, core and pelvic floor appropriate motor coordination and load response.

When doing dead bugs nobody tells us how a forward head posture will affect this motor control and how to mitigate it to avoid pushing down on the pelvic floor.

Nobody talks about women with an overactive core and pelvic floor who struggled during birthing. The men and women, the athletes with muscle overactivity, (that strong baby grip) and its correlation with leak pee, painful intercourse, difficulty inserting a tampon, painful smear tests, an inability to reach orgasm or painful ejaculation.

Think back to the cup analogy. Motor control and coordination of the many parts (the whole body) is key.

This is what I teach in my classes. To feel somatically in your own body what appropriate coordination ‘feels’ like to you. 

To feel what too much pressure on a core injury such as a diastasis recti or the pelvic floor feels like when exercising. 

Whether you are healing a pelvic floor issue, postpartum core injury or want to have a deeper connection with your body, my beginners class isn’t to be missed.

My class will drop you into the driver’s seat of your own body: connection, and mindfulness at the deepest level.

No boring lectures, just moving, sensing and developing that coordination in lots of different movements, from pilates-based exercise to functional yoga while getting stronger and gaining balance

Who’s excited??

Beginner’s class in Clanfield

The beginner’s class in Clanfield starts at 6:00 pm Tuesday the 13th of September at the Carter Institute in Clanfield.

Beginner’s class in Witney


The beginner’s classes in Witney start September Monday 12th and Thursday 15th at 10:00 am.

*Spaces are limited*

£72 investment for a block of 6 sessions.

Each class builds on the previous week so unfortunately, PAYGO isn’t available.

Please email me at jennie@ for all bookings.

NB. Please be aware that there will be some floor-based work, bearing weight on the hands and wrist for short periods.

If you would like to learn more about my whole body approach to healing check out my latest articles on all things Movement, massage, core and the pelvic floor below.