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5 Benefits of postnatal massage in Oxfordshire

Woman receiving an abdominal massage

Image of woman laying face down having her shoulders massaged

Whether dealing with wrist, back or pelvic floor issues, massage combined with exercise can help support a new mum in so many ways.

Here are my top five 5 benefits of postnatal massage in Oxfordshire.

Despite not being that big, I was surprised how heavy my first child felt when holding him all the time.

It didn’t take long for fatigue to become constant hand and wrist pain.

It’s a common complaint with new mums along with neck, mid and lower back issues. But we don’t have to grit our way through. Motherhood is difficult enough without additional aches and pains, below are some of the ways that postnatal massage in Oxfordshire can help.

Image of mother baby wearing her infant

1. Wrist, shoulder, neck, mid-back tension.

Mother breastfeed her baby showing how tension builds in the shoulders, back and wrists which can benefit from postnatal massage in west Oxfordshire

Depending on your baby, feeding can be super quick or feel like it lasts forever. No matter their feeding style, much of the day can be spent holding your baby in a set position….. waiting, holding and more waiting. And our muscles sure do like to let us know about it.

Massage can create space for trapped nerves and relax muscles that are overworked from hours of holding during feeding or carrying baby around the house. I can then help mum improve muscle balance with simple exercises, stretches or self-massage that can easily be done a few minutes each day. 

2. Lower back pain
can be eased with postnatal massage in Oxfordshire

Mother babywearing her newborn. Demonstrating how postnatal massage in Oxfordshire can help with postpartum lower back ache

As well as the benefit of postnatal massage in Oxfordshire for your hands, wrists and neck, massage can also help address lower back pain.

A lot changes during pregnancy. The position of the ribs, the abdominal muscles and internal organs shift to create more space. A side effect of these changes is a compromised connection with and coordination of the core muscles. It’s not uncommon for new mums to experience lower backache when lifting baby, car seat or baby-wearing.

The good news is that combining massage with core engagement exercises, I can help you build that deep system of support when lifting so that you aren’t relying on the back or superficial core muscles which also places undue pressure on a healing pelvic floor. 

3. Scar tissue, its effects and how postnatal massage in Oxfordshire can help

Mother holding her newborn while touching her  caesarean scar to demonstrate one of the benefits of postnatal massage in Oxfordshire

Diastasis Recti – stomach muscle separation

I’ve talked about the body changing to accommodate your baby. One of those changes involves six-pack muscle separation at the mid-line.

Coordination of the core muscles to help closure is the first thing I teach my postnatal clients. To help the gap close uniformly and promote healing, massage can be performed on the edges of the separated muscles.

Cesarean section scar

Another postpartum scar is from a Cesarean section.
Surprisingly, many mums receive no self massage guidance for their scar and have no idea about its importance.

During the healing process of deep cuts, there’s an opportunity for connective tissue to grow onto other areas/organs that it would otherwise slide past with movement.

Some women indeed struggle to stand up straight years after their c-section because of the pull on their tissues or develop unexplained hip or bladder issues .

Once a restriction has developed, the nervous system will change our movement patterns to avoid sensing this pull. The good news is, it’s never too late to work on scars. If connective tissue has grown onto other areas (known as adhesions),  massage can be done to minimize its effects on surrounding areas.

One benefit of postnatal massage in Oxfordshire is that scars are always considered when putting together your care program. 

4. Abdominal massage

Postpartum mum having an abdominal massage

As I said before, the abdominals separate during pregnancy. Postpartum, we want to promote closure. One of the ways we manage pressure in our body is via the muscles coordinating in response to varying loads. Symptoms of a pelvic organ prolapse can also improve when these pressures are well managed.

In addition to supporting the knitting together and coordination of the muscles, we want the organs to have free movement in the abdominal cavity. With each breath, we want them to move according to their rhythms.

For example, the liver rolls down and forwards towards the belly button and back each time we breathe. I can manipulate any restrictions through gentle abdominal massage to provide the slide and glide they need. This also helps with inflammation, cellular waste removal and nutrient delivery. All are vitally important for healing.

Restriction in the front can also lead to pain in the back. As you can tell, there are many ways that postnatal massage in Oxfordshire provides pain relief to postpartum mums. 

5. Pelvic floor support

Woman having the back of her legs massaged

My 5th benefit of postnatal massage in Oxfordshire relates to support and healing for the pelvic floor.

No matter the type of delivery, the pelvic floor will have been under additional loads for 9 months of pregnancy.

Massage can help address imbalances in the tissues/ muscles connected to the pelvis and legs. This, in turn, improves the pelvic floor’s ability to handle loads.

Asymmetric pulls on the pelvic floor due to our walking patterns, for example, can impact the pelvic floor’s ability to handle sneezing or running resulting in leak pee. Addressing these imbalances can help mum find better pelvic floor support rather than just doing Kegels.

Postnatal massage in Oxfordshire not only provides immediate nourishment and relaxation for the nervous system (and yes it’s OK to sleep during your massage!) but also supports mum’s healing. This can be pelvic floor support, core recovering, scar tissue management or helping with neck, wrist, lower back issues.
If you are reading this and thinking this is exactly what I need! Drop me an email to chat more or get booked in for your
postnatal massage sessions in Oxfordshire 2022.

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