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Jennie Walbank Movement teacher and massage therapist

I help people to feel supported by their core & pelvic floor

My passion is finding holistic solutions to help people feel amazing in their bodies.



Massage sessions where I reset the nervous system to relieve anxiety and stress while working on restricted areas in the fascia built up over many years, in response to postural habits, stress and inflammation.

Image of woman laying face down having her shoulders massaged

“I have suffered from lower back issues and tense muscles ever since I can remember (especially post children). After a double myofascial massage session, I can really feel the difference and, for the first time in years, I am waking up without lower back pain. Jennie was able to find and unlock many areas of hidden tension which has probably been building for years…”- Georgie

I highly recommend her classes as well as her myofascial release massages which are absolutely amazing and helped ease my aches and pains...”- Lisa

“My massage was so relaxing. I could have stayed there all day.”- Jennifer

1-2-1 sessions

Hip and lower back pain. Core & Pelvic floor recovery. Personal movement sessions

*Great for postnatal mums.

* Anyone wanted to reconnect with their core, get stronger or relieve daily stress.

“I was amazed at how after looking and making small adjustments to my alignment, how I walked and how I carried my daughter, I saw the discomfort improve after a few weeks and by continuing to practice the exercises advised by Jennie my body is becoming stronger…”- Natalie

“…I was unable to walk any distance and was struggling to move around the squash court. I was totally restricted. Even pushing the lawnmower was painful. I found myself leaning over constantly when walking. After my sessions with Jennie I can walk upright with greater ease. I’m well pleased. huge improvement. I’m looking forward to seeing how I perform in my next squash match…” Ian


What my students say

“…Jennie has made me much more aware of how my body is feeling and has a magical ability to identify and unlock localized tension through different exercises and positions…”


“…I have been going to this class for over two years. Jennie is so passionate about what she does and makes sure everyone is looked after according to their needs.
It is such a lovely group, I’ve learnt so much about my body


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