Exciting new Beginner’s classes in Clanfield and Witney- A holistic approach to the core and pelvic floor.

This September I will be teaching three 6-week beginners class series.

Carter Institute (Clanfield)

5:45 pm, Tuesday the 13th of September

(3 spaces remaining)


Yogalina Wellness Centre (Witney).

10 am, Monday September 12th

7:30 pm Thursday September 15th

(2 spaces remaining)

Core weakness, and hip and pelvic floor issues prevent so many from enjoying the benefits of exercise.

We can absolutely rebuild that deep connection to our core though.

Alleviating persistent lower back ache.

Promoting healing of pelvic floor issues such as pelvic organ prolapse or leak pee.

Gaining balance and control for happy hips.

This 6-week beginners series takes a holistic mind-body approach to healing and recovery.

After an injury it can be difficult to trust movement, which is why we go slowly, giving plenty of opportunity to listen to your body and move at your pace.

Book your 6-week block of classes for an investment of only £72.

*Book early to avoid disappointment as places are limited *

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Join me once a week for a restorative movement practice focusing on building strength and length in a sustainable way. The exercises are designed to build functional core and pelvic floor strength whilst addressing tension patterns in the hips, back and shoulders that can lead to unnecessary wear and tear on the joints and soft tissues.


“… I have been going to this class for over two years. Jennie is so passionate about what she does and makes sure everyone is looked after according to their needs.
It is such a lovely group, I’ve learnt so much about my body and jennie gives great advice during class as well as offering additional support online if needed.
I highly recommend her classes as well as her myofascial release massages which are absolutely amazing and helped ease my aches and pains…”


Couple doing group classes

Try a free introductory CORE & MORE class today.

Private 6-week postnatal core rehab classes

Pick a time that you and your postnatal mummy friends can make. Hosting at each other’s houses in person or online. This is a great option if you want to fast track your postnatal core and pelvic recovery while getting that much-needed mummy time with others going through the same struggles.

Please email me at jennie@walbank .co.uk for packages

“…Jennie is calm, kind, considerate, sensitive and SO understanding, she listens to your needs and adapts, finding solutions for individuals. It has been a pleasure to have had sessions with Jennie..”


Lady wearing a red top doing core exercises during 1-2-1 classes

Couples private classes

If you love the idea of working out with a housemate or partner at a pace and level that suits you with lots of tailored focus couples private classes are ideal.

£50 for single sessions. £45 per session when booking 3 or more.

..”What Peter and I love about your class, Jennie is the precision of it. You watch and target problem areas that we just can’t unlock. You have the knowledge to be able to suggest a variety of ways to help until we have that Aha moment and you’ll come back the following week with more ideas to help. The classes are always well- prepared and practised and the pace goes with us. We were so pleased that we found you”

Jan and Peter

Couple doing a private class together

1-2-1 private session for core and pelvic floor rehab

Ideal for anyone trying to heal a pelvic organ prolapse, diastasis recti, experiencing stress incontinence, lower back pain, wrist, shoulder, hip or pelvic issues.

£50 for single sessions. £45 per session when booking 3 or more.

…”I was amazed at how after looking and making small adjustments to my alignment, how I walked and how I carried my daughter, I saw the discomfort improve after a few weeks and by continuing to practice the exercises advised by Jennie my body is becoming stronger”. 


…”Jennie Walbank was recommended to me by my Wife who had been seeing her for a few months

What’s great about working with her is that she’s very welcoming, and clearly knows her stuff. From the moment our appointment started, I felt at ease, and in the vicinity of an expert. I felt both safe and in safe hands. 

I would recommend Jennie Walbank to anyone looking to work on their core, but also who wants to get a better understanding of how their body works, and how to work with that”


Woman having a 1-2-1 classes