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1-2-1 Private sessions

Restore Your Core®

1-2-1 Core and pelvic floor rehab sessions.

60 min session where we work on your specific goals. These may range from wanting to learn how to move without a prolapse becoming symptomatic, closing a diastasis recti, strengthening the core, increasing mobility and balance to simply working out in a way that is sustainable and supports the spine and pelvic floor. 

Lady-wearing-a-red-top-doing-core-exercises-in-a-1-2-1 private session.

Retrain the core and pelvic floor to be functional, reflexive, supportive and responsive to the body.

* Specific exercises that redress muscular imbalances to promote natural healing.

* Discover the many habits and cheats that are hindering progress by compounding those imbalances.

Helping the body to heal from.

-Constant lower back pain

-Stress incontinence

-Diastasis Recti


– Hip pain

By taking a full body approach, looking at breath, shoulders, spine, pelvis, core, hips, feet and the nervous system we start to unravel what is standing in the way of healing while safely and progressively strengthening not only the core but the whole body.

…”I went to Jennie for advice as after having my 2nd child I experienced pain in my hips, pelvis and suffered with pelvic floor dysfunction . 

I was amazed at how after looking and making small adjustments to my alignment, how I walked and how I carried my daughter, I saw the discomfort improve after a few weeks and by continuing to practice the exercises advised by Jennie my body is becoming stronger”


(£45 per session when booking 3 or more 1-2-1 private sessions. £50 for stand alone sessions).

Contact me to book your 1-2-1 private session today.

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